Our Mission: Create a Nunavik-wide synergy and enhance actions around education for all learners to persevere towards their success.


The call for projects starts now! We invite you to submit.
your initiatives today and make a difference in your community.

Be Part of the movement.


Are you concerned about the graduation rate in your community? Do you want to encourage young people to continue their schooling and are you prepared to lend your support?

If you answered yes to these questions, you're invited to submit project proposals for financial assistance to the Esuma School Perseverance Program.

  • What kinds of projects are encouraged?
    • Projects that support school perseverance from early childhood learning to high school.
      Examples: Create of mechanisms to provide support; Half-day activities at the local CLSC; Creation of a guide to help parents understand child development; Implementation of community actions that target youth at risk (such a hip hop projects); Individualized support at the secondary level for students in need; Creation of online educational video games; Homework support; Production of a video on the school drop-out issue; Online support for homework.
    • Projects that support and engage parents to be involved in their children's education.
      Examples: Encourage partnership between parents and schools; Courses for parents on how to support child learning; Conferences on parental assistance with guest speakers and role models; Support for parents who receive social assistance and whose children are not enrolled in childcare; Encouraging parent involvement in school homework; Guide with activities for parents to do with their children.
    • Projects that support home environments conducive to education, that answer community-identified needs, or that influence student perseverance.
      Examples: Inuktitut television programming; Educational programs; Support for parents who receive social assistance and whose children are not enrolled in childcare; Promotion of different jobs and careers; Production of a video on career choices; Creation of a video on graduates and their career paths; Production of career-information announcements for radio.
    • Projects that support one or several school-retention determinants (families, personal and environmental factors, community, early childhood learning, etc.)
      Examples: Story reading in community centres; Half-day activities at the local CLSC; Summer activities (camps) for youth, especially targeting literacy and numeracy; Literacy and parental support workshops; Production of books for youth; Survey on education involvement in the community.
  • Who can submit a funding application?
    Any organization involved with or concerned about student perseverance in Nunavik can submit a funding application. Cooperation between organizations and individuals at the local level are strongly encouraged to end up with a collective intervention strategy
  • What level of funding is available?

    Funding of up to $25,000 is available for projects. A maximum of $100,000 may be contributed to projects involving three or more communities. (Esuma funding may be complementary to funding received for the same projects from other sources)

    Projects may run up to 52 weeks and must be implemented between April 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015.

    Costs related to infrastructure or the regular operations of an organization are not eligible for funding. Existing projects are also not eligible for funding.

  • What is the deadline for submitting a funding application?

    Funding applications are available at http://www.krg.ca/en/employment-a-training/programs

    Applications should be submitted at: projects@esuma.ca and will be analyzed on a first-come first-serve basis.

For more information or questions
Contact the coordinator of the Esuma School Perseverance Program at info@esuma.ca
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